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Pondering, lamenting, despondent, and forlorn.

I have to hurry, it's after 1am, I still feel like shit, and I just chugged some Nyquil. Damnit, I think I had a lot to write about, especially since I haven't updated this thing all day. I didn't at lunch because I went home early...took half a day..which sucks because now I'm going to feel guilty about taking a personal next week.

Before settling in at home, I went to Gamestop and bought XIII and Manhunt. I figured it's cold and I'm sick so I won't be going out this weekend. Games should be the perfect thing to keep me busy and keep my mind off how much life sucks. XIII is pretty cool, graphics are great, and story's pretty good so far. Manhunt on the other hand, I haven't played yet, I'm apprehensive/intimidated. I know it's a Rockstar games, and that GTA's are pretty violent, and believe me, I am soooo not the squemish type. If it were up to me half the world would be toast, but this is one fucked up game. I won't get into detail...but man. Talk about violent.

Anyway, that was about it, I got Clary, an old friend of mine to try There. Listened to mija on the air and pretty much just hung out. I hate when things just happen, without explanation, rhyme or reason. I really don't like to worry. I hope everything is ok. I'm fading fast people.

It's a good thing the Nyquil's kicking in because I was having trouble falling asleep tonight. I wish my mind had an off switch. I wish for a lot of things.

Why can't everything just fall into place? Why not now!? What am I going to do with myself...heaven help me.

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