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Falling asleep and waking up is the same

Just got back from Local H about an hour ago. Good show, not the best I've ever been to, but worth the price of admission and it's just what I needed to cap off the weekend. Got me some H, among some other things this weekend ;), and in home in time to get a decent night of sleep before my dreaded Monday.

I'm deaf in my right ear by the way, those "Beautiful Night" bastards were loud. Fuck I can't find my headphones...hope I left them at work, but I doubt it. I fucking hate being confused!!! I'm not talking about the headphones either. I also hate how eventhough I've had a pretty-pretty good weekend, I'm brought down by BS here at home, and BS in my head.

I don't know what I'm doing, I see where the day takes me everyday, but the winds just seem to play with me. Back and forth, spins me 'round and 'round, I'm swaying in the wind. Not really going anywhere. I wish I had a map, an instruction manual, I just knew what to do...

Okay, look, Mullen's was good, xtra cirriculars on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were great. Saturday was just chill, and tonight was great, Garcia's and VP earlier in the day, what else could you ask for. All in all, a good weekend, so get over it Gil. Tomorrow brings Monday, fuck. As far as right now, I'm going to log off, check the boards and email one last time, then I'm going to stare at the ceiling above contemplating life as I try to fall asleep. I guess I have trouble falling asleep because I sleep through half my life anyway...


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