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did I update today? I think I did but private. I'm really not good latelty. I'd get into it but why now?

The only things keeping me going, the onyl things I have to look forward to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX are Blade III Trilohgy, the Local H shows at the end of the month, and the New Year's show. That's it. [Edit: Nirvana box set as well]

I can't get over XXXXXX, I know it's not going to happen but I can't stop thinkikng about XXXXX. What the fuck is wrong with me. All thjis time, and I've always known but I can't stop. I dont' want to XXXXXXX all the time I don't want to think about XXXXXX, but I can't fucking' stop I Wish I could, If I could I really would. fuck this writing everyday shit, IIngotta stop...holy shit I'm going to qwerty any seocnd now. Jager, Maker's Mark, Long isalndas and smioking will do that to you.

I'm sorry things didn't work out.
I wonder if I'll ermber this tomrrow or later.

Should I make this publci? purlbic, PUBLIC!@?

XXXXXXX me, don't XXXX XXXXX read this, and forget me, everything will be easier...

[EDIT 11/19:Holy christ I was hammered. That's how I get when I don't have to drive I guess, and dealing with these parents drives me up the wall. Have to remember not to drink so much Maker's straight next time, how does Scott do it? I edited some "things" out but a few of you may have caught this unedited and uncensored, lucky you. Thanks to Dewey for guest posting/commenting]

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