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The hits just keep on comin'

Guess who got served today? And not in the "I danced your ass off bitch!" kind of way. Apologies for last night, but it's been a couple of rough days. "To alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems." It's also liquid courage and truth serum, but I digress. I found out about Suffrajett playing tonight, but it was a bit too late, I could have gone solo, but you know me and doing things by myself. So here I am, watching Leno, wasting Friday night away. Played a little Halo, a little Fable. Oh yeah the TV died yesterday too, and I'm going to be out close to six hundred dollars next week, if I'm lucky thanks to the timely summons. Oh and I finally got over that head cold or whatever the hell it was but now my right eye is all f'ed up. It's not pink eye, but it can't be a lazy eye, can it? Probably just something got in it and I keep messing with it, that and the smoke from the bar lately.

Isn't life wonderful?

I don't mean to bring everyone down, I just can't seem to get a break lately...

"I need another taste to keep me high
Broken, jaded
Still I need more of you inside
The pain you deal just kills me better
The pain is all that keeps me alive"

Sometimes in life the Gods smile upon you, and other times...

Whatever, this post has taken me over an hour believe it or not, I'm so articulate ain't I?


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