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At least I caught Touching the Void tonight. Other than that, it's been a rather unproductive weekend. I'm also going to stop worrying, she hasn't contacted me, so whatever. I've still got to deal with this freakin' summons, and I made no progress whatsoever in my pending fiscal affairs. That almost sounded like I really cared. The wya I see it, most things can wait, right? Anyway, Thanksgiving coming up this Thursday,(yay)and Local H over the weekend. don't get me started. I can rant about the family later on this week. In sports, the Bears got blazed, and the suspensions handed out to Artest and the other are pure bullshit. I understand about keeping the players away from the fans but self-defense is self-defense. Anyway, played some Halo and flipped Fable. I'm so digging my Halo Icon, I should incorporate ii into a tatt or something. That's about it, wow, I'm wasting my life away. At least I find a small comfort in the fact that some people read this and it makes them feel better about their lives.

Glad I could be of help.

Back into the fire tomorrow, three days...3 days.

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