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Two more days...

Tuesday and Wednesday. That's it.

The friggin' lawyer didn't call back...*shakes it off*
I'm actually in a good mood. Work was different today, I spent the day checking the teachers' record books. Most of them were friends of mine so it was pretty good, it's funny they'd rush to me as soon as I had an opening. However, I got the feeling that some of them didn't appreciate me telling what needed to be fixed, and what was wrong. Maybe it was an age thing, or maybe because I don't technically "teach" but I could tell a few people were put off by the whole idea. I guess you'll always have those who think that they're better than everyone else. I'm over it. I know my shit, I do it everyday, so whatever.

On a totally unrelated subject...

Poll #390026 Marriage

If we got married what would your last name be...

Noriega-"your last name"
"your last name"-Noriega
"your last name"
Combination of both

I hope that makes if your last name was Doe, Noriega-Doe, Doe-Noriega, or Noridoe. Just out of curiosity. Humor me.
That's about it for tonight I guess, nothing too exciting, long work day, had a nice talk, and I played some Halo.

Two more days...

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