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Lots of shit going on...also something I've been meaning to do since everyone's bombarding me with invites and what not, eh do it later. Can't really write right now but may not get chance later. Going to see H and hopefully Suffrajett tonight. Yesterday was typical Thanksgiving, family, friends, uneventful. Spent most of the night whupping family at Halo. I almost died overnight though. However this morning, kind of wished I would have. It's not death I'm afraid of, it's the pain, suffering. Let me explain. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was suffocating. Maybe I ate too much, drank too much water before bed, maybe it was something I ate. Could have been positioned in an awkward way, maybe pillow was in my mouth. Anyway, I awoke gasping for air, the room was pitch black, I was okay, but then I got what I imagine a panic attack feels like. I couldn't breath deep enough, I broke a sweat, and my heart was racing. I almost left the house in my shorts and a t, in 30 degree weather. I calmed down, but it was strange, then I couldn't go back to sleep because I kept freaking out, what the hell was that, and feeling like it was going to happen again. I hope I can sleep tonight. The worst part is going to WebMD and looking over shortness of breath shit, can you say psychosomatic?

Let's see, I found out my cousin's moving to Miami in January, told me to come down and visit as soon as he was settled in, we'll see. Umm, the babies of the family are getting so f'ing big. Walking, talking, they get annoying so fast. What else? Nothing much I guess, I was too busy watching Spider-Man on FOX. Oh the damn Bears lost, but what else is new? I'm not sure what the hell I was babbling about in my last entry? Hyundai?? Most have seen a commercial on television or something. I'm probably going to chill on the drinking for a while, well maybe tonight. Possibly. I just got riled up on Wednesday for a few reasons I guess...

Hmm, anything else, not at the moment. I may be back later, I may not. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and thanx for the messages...

-Local G

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