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Might as well get to this because I may not have the time later. First off, did you guys hear about this:,1413,113~7244~2553247,00.html
Turns out this psycho, smchyrocky, killed her mom. What a world. There's already like a thousand comments on her last post, so I'm sure it's old news to most of you.

I'm getting lazy to go to Local H tonight. Especially since I will, once again, be going solo. Story of my life. Hmmm...I can see it now, my autobiography and/or movie "Going Solo" the Gil Noriega story. Staring Gil Noriega, Eva Longoria, Brooke Burke, and Salma Hayek. I'll find parts for them dammit! Even if it's only like flashback/daydream sequences...heh. I guess if "Hollywood" doesn't want me to play the role, Colin Farrell will do. I look like him, same age, right? I mean Antonio Banderas is too old, heh I wish.

Oh that thing I was going to get to, but didn't...I just decided on throwing it on my links section. I'm on Friendster, MySpace, Hi5, blah, blah, blah. Either through invites or sheer boredom, haven't really done much on them, but I'm there.

So yesterday, last night, whatever. F'ing rocked. Not only did Local play an amazing set, Suffrajett also kicked ass. The crowd was decent and it was great to finally meet Kris. Now what did I say last night? Passion, right. I love seeing someone passionate about something. It drives me, fires me up, confidence, fire, spirit, fucking living. Why let your inhibitions get in the way of life? If you're on stage, rock that fuckin' mic. Slam the guitar, hit the fucking drums. If you're listening, let yourself go. Set your soul on fire, flail wildly, thrash around. I fucking love people get into the H like I do, and not your average idiots moshing to their hits but "feeling" every song, every word, from their heavy shit to their low-key stuff.

I remember I was at Neo's with a bunch of friends, it must have been maybe two years ago, although it seems like a different lifetime, but we were there chilling, dancing. I remember watching a certain someone dance...holy shit. Maybe I can find the specific entry in my "paper" journal. *runs back* Fuck it, I'll never find it, and reading through that shit is just going to bring me down anyway, needless to say her movements, the gyrating to the rhythm, almost was awesome. Almost like a mating call, it drew me to her, was that ever a mistake. Somehow, we're still friends to this day, go figure.

Anyway, last night I got that same vibe. The oscillation, the undulation. On the stage, on the floor. Simi, as usual, blowing me away. Off stage I was left in wonderous awe as well. All in all, it was a great night. Even the drive home rocked, I couldn't have picked out a better playlist than what was on the Zone.

Crap, I'm still debating the drive to Schaumburg. The going alone isn't even the worse part, usually I can find a kindred spirit or two, but tonight, no one's going to be there. Besides New Year's is just around the corner and I'm still kind of hurting in the cash department, depending on how things go. *pushes thought out of head* I gotta decide quick. We'll see. Maybe I'll see what my advisor tells me to do

-Should I go see Local H?
It is decidedly so.
-What the fuck does that mean?
My reply is no.
-You suck don't you?
Most likely.
-So, should I go, yes or no?
Concentrate and ask again.
Fuck off Magic shit ball, answer the goddamn question! *shakes screen*
-Signs point to yes.

Alright, guess I'm going to haul ass and go.

In sexiest voice: "Go, solo."

Come on! I'd be the best movie star evah!

Your pal,
*signs autograph*
Jesus Gilberto De Noriega

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