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" did I get into this? - I’m tied to it."

There's a bunch of crap I could be talking about but it's all been said before...

Shows, music, movies, oh somehow I ended up on here: Haven't had the time to really take a look, not like I'm looking for yet another thing to waste my time on. So I've got work to look forward to, and possibly that court date. Blade comes out next week right? Sorry this entry is such about some filler?

Your College Life by highfivejunkie
What will you study?
Your Roomateedenbabylon
The Football Playeraxaria
The Cheerleaderjan_fire_fly
The Band Geekrosarosa
Highly involved in their Frat/Sororitybibsss
The Crazy Drunkthe_mighty_twit
The College Slutbetty_page
Your Significant Otherhot4scott
The Creep that sneaks into girl's showerseeecho_42
Likeliness you'll graduate: 80%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Eh, did the High School one before so thought I'd try College now...g'nite everyone, I'll have better material tomorrow.

Pimpbot 9000, out.

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