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My gift is my curse.

It's usually a good thing.

I have this knack to think, think, and overthink. It helps when I'm problem solving, I can think outside, inside, on top or, and underneath the box. If I'm stuck in a video game, I can usually it figure out. When I'm writing, I can think of so many angles, helps reading people too. Although sometimes it makes me distrustful, thinking about people and their intentions, motiviations. Sometimes I wish I could just turn it off.

When something's not going well, or the unexpected happens, I can't stop thinking. What happened? What's wrong? What more can/should I do? Acccck.

I realized this morning I peaked when I was in Kindergarten.

How sad is that? It's been all downhill since then I think. Anyway, I'll be on and off...pondering, lamentind, despondent, and forlorn.