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"You took nothing and made it into something."

I'll be brief, bibsss told me not to forget to post today.

My After School Matters supervisor said he was proud of me. That I took nothing and made it into something. My program's pretty much been a success, if I may toot my own horn. It made me smile, for about half a second.

I watched Spider-Man 2 again tonight. I love that film on so many levels. The style of Sam Raimi, the portrayal of Peter, the way it stays honest, stays true to the comic book. So many lines, the end always gets me, you can't live a half-life.

I wish someone would save me.

It's late, I won't go into detail, but it's good on so many levels.

Lastly, I love making people happy, and in return I love being happy. It happens, go figure. Just a short phone call can boost your spirits. A few words, a gesture, a trip to Amsterdam, it's amazing how just a little thing can totally change your mood.

I'm also excited about New Year's. Eventhough my "RL" friends are backing out, there's a lot of people flying in from all over the country. It should be interesting at the very least.

Hey, I think I'm smiling...

There might be hope for me yet.

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