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I'm...happy? Not per se. Tired? A bit. It scares me when I see people getting older, reminds me of my mortality. Oh thanks for the call edenbabylon. It's like the omnipotence paradox when we talk, the Irresistible Force meets the Unmovable Object. I'm playing hooky tomorrow, going to try to take care of some business, and catch the new Blade. Possibly pick up my NYE H ticket, maybe a little shopping, but I doubt it.

Crap distracted once again, Matt Damon's on Leno, didn't pick up Dodgeball today so I will probably hit Best Buy and drop off Apollo. (my I-Pod) I'm lame like that, my Jeep's Mora, my comp's Delphi, I-Pod's Apollo. Hey, they let you name them for a reason. I'm all over the place tonight. The year's coming to an end, I'm going to have to make some more decisions. *sigh* Can I get a break? Seriously? Okay, ok, no bitching. Local H to look forward to, some time off, and umm...then 2005.


I'm going to watch a little Conan then I'm getting some shuteye.

Going down in flames,


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