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I'm tired of trying...

I guess it's safe to do this now, nothing's coming out next week. I was waiting to see if anything else was coming, that and the fact that people are going to look at my list and go wtf? is why I took so long.

Top Five Albums of the Year

5)Pressure Chief-Cake

I'm a big Cake fan and I could listen to this album straight through. This is one of those bands who'll always be known for certain songs, that while catchy, are not their best work.

4)American Idiot-Green Day

Say what you will about Green Day. Half of these ass-clowns wouldn't be around if it wasn't for them. I hate when people pigeonhole you into something and whenever you derive from the standard you get **** for it. This album took balls for them to make, it was a concept album and it worked. Again, while I like "Idiot" it isn't the best on the album by far.

3)A Grand Don't Come For Free-The Streets

I could listen to this CD non-stop, over and over. Hell, I did for a while. No one's really making music like this. Skinner tells a story, talks about **** I can relate to. Lyrically they're not afraid to talk about everyday things, the mundane. Just like the artist who made my next pick.

2)The College Dropout-Kanye West

I know a lot of you hate hip-hop. I don't blame you, a lot of old school was all about gang-banging, slangin' dope, and pimpin' hoes. Then you've got artists talking about their Bentley's and Rolex watches. **** you, I don't even have a watch. Kanye raps about working at the Gap, dropping out of College, getting evicted, and of all things, Jesus. Not to mention that he always represents the Windy City.

It's refreshing to listen to a hip-hop artist really "keepin' it real." Of course he's got the obligatory guest artists showing up but they're actually on tracks for a reason, they serve a purpose other than to push sales. Kanye worked his way from making beats for local artists to making them for stars, to making them for himself.

1)Whatever Happened to P.J. Soles-Local H

The ****ers didn't have it for sale at Fritz's so I had to wait until the next day. I'd only heard one or two tracks, so when I actually listened to it, it blew me away. Mellowed was my favorite track at first, How's the Weather has since taken the spot. How much do I love this album? Let's see.

Eight out of my top 25 most listened to tracks are from PJ. Which is insane considering it only came out in April. I've seen them what, over a dozen times this year alone, and it doesn't get old. I love Hamfisted because I could relate to it at the time, and I still can. PJ hits me in the same way, Scott's getting older and so am I. Like Clam says it meshes perfectly, the more I listen to it, the more I love it.

Even Dick Jones, which I initially hated, but hearing it live changed my mind. Local's my favorite band so maybe I'm baised, but I've been pushing this band and this album on everyone, not only because I love them, but because they're simply just that good.

Honorable mentions:
(AKA the rest of my top ten)

From a Basement On the Hill-Elliot Smith
This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)-Chevelle
To The 5 Boroughs-The Beastie Boys
Futures-Jimmy Eat World
Fly or Die-N.E.R.D.

On the reissues/greatest hits/boxsets front:

Greatest Hits-Guns N' Roses
Ready to Die-The Notorious B.I.G.
Greatest Hits-Live
With the Lights Out-Nirvana


This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)-Chevelle
*I know it's on both, but I expected this to be a lot better, still not bad*
Till Death Do Us Part-Cypress Hill
The New Danger-Mos Def

Last note, if you're even still reading. I don't "get" Modest Mouse. Maybe it's just me. Oh and Franz I can't listen to, if I want to dance I'll take some X and go to a rave. Thanks for reading, I posted this on the H bbs so I though I'd copy it over to here.  I'll probably make a couple more lists, we'll see.  It is that time of year and I'm running out of material.  I'm just getting tired of most people, I'm going to quit trying so hard.  If I'm getting along with people, great, if not, fuck 'em, that's great too.  I don't need the aggravation anymore.  Oh I chopped my hair off again today, it's the shortest it's been in a long time.  I need another tatt soon.  I'm rambling...


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