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I fuckin' hate this place sometimes.

Anyway, hope everyone's Christmas was good. Let's see, I got a bunch of books, Scar Tissue, Tommyland, A Simpsons book, and umm... I did get my Robosapien, had him a couple days before actually heh, still need a name for him though. Gift cards, They Live, which I haven't gotten a chance to see yet, clothes, some new Timba's, a hoodie, and hmmm is that it? Pretty much, I made out pretty good, I always do. The Local H NYE show sold out this weekend, so it should be an insane night. I don't know, I'm beginning to feel let down by it already. Everyone hyping it, plus if what I heard is true, it might be lame. Maybe it's just me trying not to build it up, who knows. They'll be a lot of boarders there, many new friends as well, but it's sad that I can't get any of my old school friends to go. I miss the days of NYE 98, 99, when we got trashed at the shows and caused havoc down Clark street. I don't know, I guess I'm going to have to rethink the concept of friendship altogether. When it comes down to it I have a lot of buddies, co-workers, acquaintances, dawgs, and homies, but how many friends? Hmmm...

Well, one person that I don't have to worry about is Bryan. I hadn't seen him since he moved up to Wisconsin but he was in town for the holidays and we got to hang out today. We headed over to Garcia's (where else?) and had lunch. He and Jen had to drive up after we ate, so it was kind of hurried but it was great seeing him nonetheless. It's strange though, having those "how's the family?" type of conversations, as close as we are we shouldn't have to "catch up" but it happens. *sighs* What the hell happened, when did everyone grow up and get so goddamn busy? We of course got to talking about Blockbuster and the old homies, where did everyone go? He says that he really only keeps in touch with a couple of people from the "old days". If I think about it, I guess I'm in the same boat.

Hmm...que mas? Fuck I have a lot of things I want to accomplish in the next four days or so. Friday and Saturday should be a blur if everything turns out right, leaving Sunday for my recovery. Then it's back to hell on Monday. I am NOT looking forward to work. Anyway, I really should make an apt to see the doctor since I still haven't, but I can't find my insurance card, it's always something. I haven't made it to the show as of yet, but there wasn't anything nearby that I'm dying to see. I should off on Best Buy until Tuesday so I can pick up Anchorman along with Napoleon Dynamite, Garden State, fuck, I forgot what else is out. I always forget shit, then I buy something else and only then do I remember what I wanted initially. Eh, can't go wrong with Best Buy giftcards though.

Shit, I'm aggravated and I can't shake it. I still have to work on this thing, my site, and some other random Internet shit, change passwords, etc. Things of that nature. Also wanted to take some more pics, work on the pic a day thing, etc. There's just not enough time in the world I swear, to write, to read, to watch, to listen, to feel, to taste, to live. It's really frustrating sometimes, there's so much to do and see but so many obstacles as well.

I feel like an idiot, my cousin got a drum set for Christmas and I couldn't figure it out, I got most of it right, but I wasn't too sure on the tuning. My brother picked up a tape from a friend of his and figured it out. The real sad thing is that I, for a short time, very briefly, used the drums. Heh. I never had to built them from scratch though, with no instructions no less. Whatever, nothin' doin'. I'm going to try to remember to start saying that, I watched a lot of Three Stooges this morning, hahahaha. That and pie fights, they need to return. As soon as possible.

The Bears got ripped off today, fuckin' assholes, it was a touchdown. Karma, I hope Detroit doesn't win a game until 2006. My upper right thigh is killing me, maybe I slept on it wrong or something, oh and I sliced my foot open this morning, fun. Actually...never mind.
Things have got to change, things have got to change, things have got to change, things...I have got to change. Friday seem so fuckin' far away right now, but it'll be here before I'm ready for it.

I'm going to bed, 'nite everyone.

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