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Remind me.

New Year's Eve 8:15 AM. Someone remind me.

Last night I hit the Double Door to see Roundeye. I can't remember the names of the other bands and Double Door already updated, but one of them was pretty good. They had Fucking Repub_icans on their drumset if it helps, I think they were called "Jesus and the Devil". Yeah that sounds right, but I can't find shit on them online, anyway, they weren't bad either. I guess there are a few Local tix left but not hundreds. Whatever. Okay, I've been somewhat productive but I haven't quite made it to Best Buy as of yet. So cleaning out my wallet I emergency 100. I totally forgot I had that in there, so I guess I should leave it in there...but now I have this extra hundie that is just burning in my pocket. I've forgotten what it feels like to have money to burn since I'm so broke lately...I should also be getting my ASM check this week, everything's coming up Gilhouse.

It was nice to see everyone last night, Jen, met her sister Josie, Tara, Tom, Angela, Bill, J-Rock, Brettly, Dave. It kind of pisses me off watching them, if I wasn't such a slacker and went to the practices with them when they were starting out, I could up there. Eh, then I'd miss a lot of other shows, whatever. I'm not disciplined enough, I need to work on that. Hex and Francisco also showed up. It fucking sucks, Hex and I were pretty close at one point, at least to me it seemed like. Now we barely speak, the last dozen times I've even seen him is because I'm at one of his shows, or I run into him at a show. I really need to call some people out on their shit, and I need to be called out on mine.

So bring it on motherfuckers.

I miss the Gorillaz. Talk about a fun show. The Aragon show was great. As much as I like the "rock" I'm also a sucker for videos, effects, lazers, fireworks and shit. Visually, the best shows I've been too have been NIN, Gorrilaz, Eminem, Jay-Z/DMX, Metallica, and Soul Coughing. Those come to mind right off the bat. Fuckin' Nine Inch Nails, it's like the music hit me with a left and then the effects hit me with a right. Guess that's about it, people are still talking shit about the Christmas party, whenever you have that many people in the same space and drinking, there's going to be shit said. Whatever, it doesn't involve me, if it did believe me it'd be over by now. I regulate mofos.

The year's almost over. Resolutions? Questions, comments, concerns? Talk to me people, leave me a msg, some digits, something. The year's coming to an end and I have a feeling things are going to be very different in 2005. Not just for me but for a few out there in Fenyxland.

I'm audi, 5000.


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