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Tabula Rasa

Hey cool cats. What's going on? Well it's been an f'ed up year, not the worst I've had but certainly not the best. I'll go into details at another date, reviews, shows, movies, eh maybe. Anyway, I'll have a small surprise tomorrow, oh and thanks for reminding me about this morning everyone. Pfft. I have to try to remember to keep an open mind next year, let bygones be bygones and such, love everyone until they give me a reason not to.

So, thus ends the year of our Lord 2004. I'm off to Wicker Park, then on to Local H's New Year's Eve show. Everyone, yeah you too jerk, I want everyone to have a safe, happy, and productive New Year. Don't forget to holla at yer boy in 2005.

Much love,

-Gil Noriega

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