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Happy New Year!

Holy crap. Last night was friggin' awesome. I'm so tired, hungover, and sore, but it was well worth it. Adventures on the trains, rock n' roll and alcohol. What else could you want from a New Year's Eve celebration? Here's some pictures for all to see.

Speaking of pictures, I'm starting a new journal in addition to this one. Ch-ch-ch-check it out.


That's one of my few resolutions/plans. To take more pictures, to write more, to be more creative. Of course the usual cliche try to lose weight one, I'm going to quit smoking. Well, that one's done, heh. Play more pool, at least try to, I need the practice and I'm already ok at it so why not go to that next level. I have to get ready for that pool shark Bibby, heh. I'm going to give everyone another chance, why the hell not? Life's too short I guess, maybe I'm going soft, maybe I'm just in a good mood. I'm going to try to be more courageous, more trustworthy, less of an asshole. Integrity. Veritas. Hmm...I guess that's about it, I'm also probably going to try to travel more. Seeing all my friends flying in and coming in from all over makes me wonder why I never visit them. I guess I'm also going to try to be more positive, hell I will be. As Yoda says there is "no try".

Guess that's about it, going to get myself together and get ready to continue this weekend of debauchery.



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