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That was a sarcastic yay btw.

Bears games today, at least we'll get a chance to see Rex play. Woke up early to news of the capture of Saddam Hussein. Lots of things that can be said. Your conspiracy nuts would say it's not him, how convienent that he was captured right before Xmas, and while Bush is getting reamed. Why didn't he go down fighting? A martyr if you will. Will this change anything? Was he even running things? Look at him, he looks like a bum. Something that I heard, and I totally agree with, is that we should all be immensely proud of our troops. Can you imagine the discipline that it took these soldiers to NOT kill Saddam when they found him. Especially if they lost friends, family, because of him. I don't know if I could have shown that kind of restraint. I mean who's going to blame you if you killed him?

It'll be interesting to see if he tells us anything, or if it can even be believed. He's fucked, he should have killed himself, I hope we work him over '24' style. In other news. Well, there isn't Is there?

A week of work left...and I still feel crappy as ever. We put up tree and ecorations so my Christmas spirit is slowly coming to me. The snow helps too. Maybe I'll take some pics and throw them up here somewhere. Maybe, don't hold your breath people.

I miss you mija.

Again I ask, write a comment, send an email, something? I'd just like to know if anyone's out there. Not that it truly matters, but I'm curious to know. Uh oh, I hear black helicopters outside. More soon, God Bless.

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