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scatt e r ed th ou gh t s

Second place is the first loser.
I kicked ass at trivia 5/5 first one done.
We lost in the pool championship match.
Our dart team lost their second match.
Trivia is trivial.
We came in 2nd overall.
One week until D's party.
Is it possible to have more than one soulmate?

The concepts of soulmates arose from Greek mythology. According to the story, our ancestors once had 2 heads, 4 arms. They did something to offend a god so that god punished them by splitting them down the middle, resulting in the creation of humans. As a punishment, we are condemned to spend our lives searching for the other half, our soulmates.

Fuckin' Sosa jersey is going to be worthless. Damn Orioles. Damn Sosa.

Don't - tell me what I wanna hear
Afraid of never knowing fear
Experience anything you need
I'll keep fighting jealousy
Until it's fucking gone

Suffrajett, don't forget. Simi rocked as usual. Bela, Tiffany, and others were there.
Wish you could have made it Gracie.
It was f'ing cold tonight.
I finally drank
and drank
and drank
Jack Daniels and Marker's Mark are my bestest friends.

Your soulmate is the person who will maximize your soulmate ratio and vice versa. If another person exists that has the ability to give you a higher soulmate ratio than the person you are with, then the person you are with is not your soulmate. No one in this world, including being by yourself, could make you happier than being in love with your soulmate. True love is the love you share with your soulmate.

Time to fight jealousy. I'm thirsty, give me a sec...

Ahhh. Much better.

This will all make sense later.




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