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What an f'ing shitty day, I mean I've been kind of down since yesterday but today just flat out blew. Everything getting dumped in my lap, equipment that doesn't work, people that don't work, idiot kids. It just sucked. I should have known since the morning when I woke up late, stumbled out of the shower, dropped my towel, almost tripped. The machines acted up, then I got into a debate which turned into an argument. I ended up feeling like a real winner, again doubting myself and my station in life. My wasted potential. Then on the way to work a delivery truck was blocking my only way into school not to mention the rest of the street. At lunch I thought I wrecked Mora because I hit a mean pothole since I wasn't paying attention. I'm still in limbo regarding my employment situation and I have a shitload of paperwork to fill out in regards to my After School Matters position. I haven't gotten to work out as much this week, only Monday and Wednesday really, the other days I worked out my kidneys. I had to have a drink tonight, or five. I also went looking for a jersey, no dice, we'll see what I find before Saturday, I've got the new kicks, have to get the rest of the ensemble, word. Thank God it's Friday tomorrow and that the little bastards have half a day. This working five days a week is strictly for the birds.

Oh I've also heard that people at work are "talking", whatever the hell that means. Seems to be happening everywhere, whatever, as long as my boss doesn't say shit what do I care? Speaking of talking I might have to start logging IPs heh, who the hell writes these anon comments, some I know, some I don't. Like I never did figure out the NYE ones.

Eh, no biggie, it's all fun and games, right? I'm still kind of buzzed, and I'm friggin' exhausted, not really sure why. Week catching up with me? Possibly. I think that all this buzz about Jamie Foxx is going to flip on him, I think he deserves it and is very talented but he's going to get played out with all the attention, and you know how audiences are. They love you one moment, bored of you the next. Kind of like people, huh, go figure. Anyway, I'm up, Friday here I come.

"Take time out to find the notes, the notes are under your fingers."

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