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"Got a little tipsy and danced in the sky?"

Can you even make it out?  Eh, anyway...

Randomness.  Katamari Damacy has taken over my mind.  It really is amazing, furthermore, it's insane.  Seriously, the music is haunting me as I speak. 

My parents inspire me sometimes,  maybe it's my fear and/or acknowledgement of mortality creeping up on me, maybe it's just that they're such dorks sometimes.  I'll be lucky to find someone to be lame with like they are.   At dinner today they were having one of their idiotic conversations.  They tease but they're so lovey dovey, it's pretty nauseating at times.  Everyone's so musical in my family, well other than me, I just love it, I can't produce it.  Anyway, it's always been around the family, and when I'm having dinner with the folks it's funny to hear my dad sing to or serenade my mom half-assed while waiting for dinner to be ready. 

Friday tomorrow, eh?

"We work like dogs all day, we drink, and then we look like hungover dogs the next day."

Crap, as usual I'm all over the place.  I guess I've got a lot on my mind these days, decisions have to be made, roads must be crossed, bridges burned.  Or I've got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.  Or something like that...I haven't even finished that little story/article/rant I was writing, I'll get to it.  I'll get to everything...eventually.

Much Love,

Fujiwara Naoki


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