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Fuck.  This thing is pissing me off.  Anyway, damn LJ, where was I?  Ah yes, February, I knew it was going to be like this.  Concerts, birthdays, late nights.  Expensive, frustrating, tiring, exciting, fun, and eventful.  Speaking of...

Happy Birthday Julie!!!

Damn LJ, the color thing always throws me off like whoa.  Anyway, I'll probably be out with her and that circle of friends tonight.  God, I'm getting too old for this.  Let's see, Wednesday was the regular Mullen's night, it wasn't too late, only til eight-ish, so that was alright.  Ack, I'm getting distracted here, damn Black Rob, got me bouncing like whoa.  Heh.  I'm in such a strange mood, energetic but angry, happy but frustrated, grateful but hungry for more.  Juxtapostioned, or something like that.  Anyway that was Wednesday, Thursday I worked late and watched the most annoying ER of all time.  Friday, hmm...that was a late night.  Of course it took me forever to get to Hamilton's after work, but I made it.  It was LR's birthday and a few of us had a few drinks with him at Hammy's.  We ran into work people there but it was all good.  I had soooo much shit.  Tequila shots with the birthday boy  Blue Hawaiians, Rum Runners, Wounded Dragons, Vodka and Red Bulls, Harp after Harp.  Sublime, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and The Doors on the juke.  Then I got buzzkilled.  I guess it only last a few minutes, but it brought me back to Earth, I flew too high on Icarus's Wings and fell to the ground.  I was at the bar talking to a friend and I couldn't help at look at a man that looked like he had been in a fire.  Without sounding too much like an asshole, he looked like he had been completely burned, melted even.  That, along with a few other things that were bouncing around my head, and not to mention the fact that I was under the influence.  (fawk see what I mean, I'm spent.  I just went qwerty for about a minute)  So that got me going, God, fates, destiny, stuff I'm always bouncing around but rarely get to discuss.  Anyway, I won't get into as much here, but there's so much that happens here, why if there is one, is He just on the sidelines?  Anyway, it made me get selfish and I started thinking of situations that I'm in or have been, and what's going on with me and cursed luck.  But I digress, after a couple people left, the rest of us packed up and headed to the Mark II.

So we arrive at the Mark, make a few calls, and a couple of other peeps show up.  It's all good.  Until I hit the pool table.  God was I playing like shit.  I couldn't get anything in, and my "suckiness" was amplified by the fact that I had a crowd watching and waiting.  Horrible.  I was truly embarassed, at least I didn't have my cue, then I'd really look like a poseur.  So two AM came along and the rest of the bars started closing so of course the Mark starts filling up.  It got a little packed but it was fun.  It was a good time, but it was also a long ass day.

Saturday.  Woke up relatively early, I tried writing some but it was to no avail.  I bummed around the whole day, I actually did write a long ass E-mail now that I remember, made a confession at, had a couple of phone convos and pretty much retired for the evening, at about noon.  Hahaha.  Anyway I'm just chilling, having lunch which I purchased from my favorite and yours, Villa Palermo, when my couzo shows up.  Guess his genius ass locked himself out while getting the mail.  He lives on the other side of the park and he jogged over, he was freezing heh.  The f'ed up part is that his mom showed up, he's 13, and the house was messed up, everything was left on, and the keys were on the floor.  She freaked and called the cops.  So that was a little situation, it was all good though.  Got through that, played some KOTOR II on the ol' X-Box and was waiting for SNL to start.  Things never work out the way you plan them though, heh.  I got a last minute invite to Mullen's, it was Satruday night, I had nothing else going on, so I said what the hey.  After being convinced of course.  We meet up at Mul's and it's friggin' packed.  Wall to wall, there was the fight and a birthday party.  People must do a hell of a lot of fuckin' in May because there's a hell of a lot of February babies.  May and June.  Lots of March ones too I guess.  Of course we end up going down Western to the Mark.  It's slowly becoming our new spot, well my new old spot, whatever.

Wu-Tang Motherfuckers.

We end up being pretty deep, the same crew plus a couple of others.  It was a pretty good time for the most part, I was just real jittery at first, probably because one of the people showing up had issues with me. (I thought at the time, she made it abundantly clear that we're all good, in fact we've got a date at Wrigley in the summer)  The crowd at Mullen's probably got me a little anxious as well.  Anyway, once again we had lots to drink, I even pulled out the Irish Car Bomb, back from the dead.  Mmm...  Had some Jamieson, Maker's, Jager, Harps, Red Headed Sluts, the shot too, hahahaha.  Ran into another couzo there, he was hammered, and somehow I ended up playing pool, again.  Playing like shit, again.  I've been awful since the tournament, should have stayed retired.  After 2 it got packed again and we had to deal with drunken idiots.  Some guy kept talking to me about the Cubs, I had my Nomar jersey on, and he's a ballhawk at Wrigley so he promised me a Garciaparra ball.  We'll see about that, but his name was Matt, he made me remember his face.  Then this other fool kept bugging me on the pool table while I was playing.  He kept taunting my opponent and just talking shit overall.  He almost got clipped, I couldn't play and just wanted to game to end.  I ended up being pretty aggravated last night/this morning.  We closed the fucker out, at 5am. 

I'm not sure exactly why I was so aggro.  Of course the whisky had something to do with it, also dealing with drunken assholes played its part.  I guess I do know why I'm so frustrated.  But there's really not much I can do about it.  So, what's the best solution to dealing with the past, the present, unresolved conflict, and frustration?  As Homer would say "To alcohol, the cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems."  Oh and is it me, or aren't you supposed to buy or at least offer a shot to everyone in your party when it's shot time.  Maybe it's me and my old-fashioned ways, but ignoring people you're with is kind of weaksauce.  It probably wasn't intentional, still though.  Maybe I was just on edge and taking everything the wrong way, or hyper-sensitive.  It's just a lot of things possibly coming to a head, we'll see.

Chi-town niggas are the craziest.

So that's about it I guess.  I still have a few loose ends to tie up, have some dinner and then head out to Julie's lil sum'n, sum'n.  Solo, of course.  As per usual.  February's not over yet though, four Local dates coming up, how many will YOU be at?

I'm still aggro.

So Fresh, So Clean,

Hurricane Gilbert



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