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Well, it's friggin' nine o'clock and I'm finally getting around to writing in this thing.  I'm just exhausted, it's been a long weekend.  Emotionally and physically draining.  I'm pretty much caught up though, right?  Well last night was a fun time.  Met up with Julie and a few of her friends, Charlie, Sarah, the regulars were all there.  We hung out at Horseshoe on Lincoln.,1,7241881.venue  It was a really cool place.

It took me like two minutes to figure the sink/faucets out.  It was pretty amusing, I've a got a few more pics up in my galleries, you know the drill.  Anyway, it was a good time, actually heard a lot of stories about the scene in Chicago.  Julie's boyfriend is the lead singer for the now defunct Stripping the Pistol, a good friend of theirs is the lead singer for Leftsetter, and there was another guy there who's done photography for almost every band imaginable.  I'm pissed because I can't remember the guy's last name, his name is Gene and I recognized him from a lot of shows, damnit.  Awell, anyway the place is really cool, I'm going to try to bring the crew there one of these days.  I swear I had the best Mac and Cheese of my life there last night, heh.  Played a little pool, sucked as usual, but I won by default.  Two greatest words in the English language De-Fault!  De-Fault!  Eh, had a few shots of jager with Jules, listened to a few good stories, (wish I could have recorded them) and a few Jack and Cokes.  Before long I ended up closing that place out.  Unreal.  They played Anchorman, Harold and Kumar..., and The Royal Tenebaums while we there.  The whole NBA All Star Game too.  Fawk.  I ended up spending about 150 this weekend.  Ugh.  Hit Hamilton's, Mullen's, the Mark (twice), and Horsehoe.  Long weekend. 

Didn't do much except recover today, had a nice conversation on the phone, and messed around on here.  Updated circadian_shots and played a little X-Box.  Nothing special, hmm, it seemed like I had a bunch to write about, but I guess not so much.  Couple of quickies about yesterday, Simpsons was pretty funny, I found it amusing when he wrote something like "that guy with the red car".  My brother and I describe our neighbors that way, "the Durango guy", "the one with the pick up", etc.  Also on Malcolm Hal and Lois fight over the bed, etc. it's a long story but something that I think Hal says sums up marriage perfectly.  Maybe soulmates, maybe your significant other, maybe love, but it seemed to hit it right on.  "You know all of me, I know all of you."


Guess that's about it, as usual I have more questions than answers.  I feel like I'm forgetting something.  Hmm.  Until next time I guess.

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