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"For me, I enjoy nothing more than watching a favorite band perform in this life. All that other crap, (ie: relationships, family, health, procreating, etc) is all great & all - but compared to this - is all gravy. I really cannot stress how much live music inspires me to live life everyday, honestly. Its the one thing that makes me happy."

-Charles Dewey Cole, IV

I'm hoping this weekend turns out alright.  That's all I'm saying I'm not jinxing shit.  I agree with Dewey though, I need this shit.  As of late my life's been quite the rollercoaster.  Partying too much, drinking lots, having fun, etc.  Of course when I crash, come down, it sucks a whole lot more.  Am I ever just O.K.?

"I feel for you...
Better fuckin go away
I will behave
Better fuckin go away!"

I'm doing the best i ever did
I'm doing the best that i can
I'm doing the best i ever did..."

I had poetry to write, a screenplay to work on, just have a lot of creativity flowing, but I can't get it out.  I guess it's part of my overall frustration.  The fucked up part is that you'd think I'd be doing enough to ease my mind or relax.  It's not like I haven't been "treating" myself or been cooped up all week.  What the hell am I rambling about.  Maybe it's for the best, I've been writing like shit lately.  Never did finish that baseball piece I was working on.  Cubs tix go on sale tomorrow, but my CC's pretty full and I have to work so I can't stand in line.  George will be there but he's got some scam going with work people.  *sighs* guess I'll have to wait and see what tix fall into my lab this year.  I only saw them like three times last year.  I usually go a dozen times or so.  I really hope I shake this feeling.

And so you're living a lie
Because it's all that you feel
The more you want
The less that you receive

And they will adore you
And they will hear you cry out

I want my 15 minutes
My 15 minutes of shame

Damnit, I've wasted your time once again.  Let me try to come up with at least one nugget of wisdom, some kernel of truth...

No dice.  Sorry, guess my mind is somewhere else right now.

with someone else.




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