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I'm strangely giddy, anxious, excited, and nervous all at once. I'm going back to Kali, as in DeKalb, heh. Anyway, going to have a nice lil' road trip, pick up some peeps on the way, and watch the H. Maybe see some friends, my alma mater, sort of. NIU!!! The old frat house, have some Pag's or Tom and Jerry, and get back to the Chi. Yesterday got better, lunch was good, I picked up some cash at the crib. Went out to the studio, Red Line, and Mullen's last night. I'm spending way too much money these days, but I did get my ASM check today, schweet. Hmm...guess that's about it. I guess I'm worried about the Jeep maybe? Or getting lost on my side excursions, or people not having a good time, I don't know. It's going to be a blast though, need this shit, get out of this funk I'm in. Word. Alright, time to make some more preparations.