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Goddamnit!  Can I do anything?  Fuck, it's like I'll surf the 'net, read random shit, read the H bbs, anything to prevent myself from catching up here.  *shakes head*  I mean, my Internet's finally working, I usually don't watch shit on Wednesdays, and I'm not at the bar.  Well, that's a start right?  Why I'm not at the olde tavern.  To make a long story short, there's an old Irish saying that goes a little something like this...

Who gossips with you will gossip of you

I'll elaborate if I have the time, speaking of Irish, check out my new and improved layout, icons, profile, etc.  In honor of St. Patty's day coming up of course.  So, where'd we leave off?

I was trying to update the last couple of nights, like I said earlier, finish up from a couple nights before.  However as my luck goes, my cable was acting up.  POS.  RCN blows.  Anyway, I'm copying and pasting what I had, making edits as I go.  That makes me think if I should just post date these like Bibby does, or just go with the flow.  Guess I'll stick to the flow for now.  I never seem to have enough time.  In the morning before work, enough time to sleep, enough time to have a decent conversation.  Enough time to make a decision.   I guess I should write about sat night, but it seems so long ago already.


Saturday, February 26th


Local H.  It was supposed to be a great night.  We were going to have a little road trip, which most of us were looking forward to, or so I thought, but as usual, in the life of Gil, things went wrong.  I didn’t get out of the house until six, when I was supposed to make my first stop at five.  So I'm running late and then I feel like I twisted people’s arms into going to the show.  Granted DeKalb isn’t all that far away, but I had to make short detours to Oak Park and Westmont.  Which I didn’t mind, I enjoyed the drive, but it sucked having to watch the car behind me, tolls, etc.  They could have gone straight to the show, or not gone at all, don't get me wrong, I'm glad they went but it didn't feel like they were too happy to be there, well not everyone.  So I pick up Kris and Chris on the way and we finally arrive at Otto’s.  Tons of peeps, everywhere I looked was a familiar face, it was cool.  Almost like a homecoming, I mean other than the Metro and Double Door, I've probably seen the H at Otto's the most.  Well, Bottom Lounge/Lakeview Links is probably up there too, but I digress.  They played a good set, I only had a couple of beers, and it was a good crowd.  It was nice to actually be enveloped in the music, it made my troubles and all my stress go away, at least temporarily.  While I can't say it really changed my mood, it did take me away for a while.  I guess I just had way too much going on around me.  The show ends and everyone disperses.  Dewey hooks me up with the "Zion Chronicles", that's a damn sexy title by the way, I say my goodbyes and off we go again. 


Again, there wasn't enough time.  Couldn't really talk to Dewey before or after, didn't hook up with Grace at all, and I didn't get to cruise the old stomping grounds.  At least I made it to the show.  It's my damn fault anyway friggin' late start.  (I just looked up info on the new James Bond for like 15 minutes, I swear I have adult ADD)  The ride there and back was actually pretty entertaining.  Topics ranged from celebrity porn to our favorite meals at 3am.  It's always the quiet ones that are the aficionadoes, heh.  Somewhere in there we also talked about gyros in Greece and talking to your co-workers, and asking yourself, "how the hell did I get here?"  Did I mention I friggin' hate driving in the burbs though.  You have to go past Sparkling Water Lane, turn left on Whisper in the Woods Avenue, under the bridge, and across Shining Star Road.  Grids people, grids, use them, love them.  I drop off Chris and then head back to the city.  I love seeing the skyline when I come in, when I'd come in from NIU and I saw that first glimpse of the Sears, I knew I was home.  A little while later I drop Kris off at the Underbar and I head home.  I crash a bit after four AM. 


Sunday, February 27th


I wake up around noon, refreshed, but determined to bum around.  I hit Villa Palermo for lunch and spend the afternoon playing Knights of the Old Republic on X-Box.  Exciting I know, anyway I beat the damn game, darkside of course, and the end was such a disappointment.  Oh well, how's that saying go, the journey is more important than the destination.  Whatever.  Speaking of destinations, a recent and frequent topic of conversation as of late has been travel.  I'll start out by saying I'm not the most worldly guy around.  I've been lots of places in Mexico and in the US but that's about it.  Does one really need to travel to experience the world?  Obviously first hand experience can't be substituted or replaced, still though.  For every experience someone's had in Nepal, Greece, or India, I'm sure I've had one here.  This has been bugging me as of late, but I thought about it for a while.  Eventhough I'm being told I need to see the world, I think I've already seen a lot of it, right here in Chicago.  Do I really need to travel to Iraq to get shot at?  It happened a few blocks from here.  France to fall in love?  Germany to have my heart broken?  Amsterdam to smoke weed?  China to get into a fight?  Life's about experiences, events, not necessarily locations.  Would Pulp Fiction be any better if it was in Prague?  Citizen Kane in Tokyo?  I'm rambling but you get the point.  Anyhoo...


The Oscars.  I was really pleased to see that Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind won for Best Original Screenplay.  Then of course Clint Eastwood winning Best Director and Million Dollar Baby winning the Best Film Oscar was awesome.  Surprising too, I thought Scorsese had Best Director wrapped up.  I'm not a huge fan of awards shows, but it is the Oscars.  Chris Rock did a great job, I think Penn was kind of gay for defending Jude Law.  I don't know what the deal was with Beyonce singing every song, although I did like "Al Otro Lado Del Rio" sung by Antonio Banderas with Santana.  It sucks they didn't let the actual composer sing it, business I guess.  At some point they either showed or played music from, wait I remember they played the theme song(?) from Phantom of the Opera and it reminded me of seeing it years ago.  If you've never seen a silent film accompanied by the organ, do it.  It is awesome.  Just to experience the film the way it was so many years ago, it's really a cool experience.  Lumet's speech was the one that really made me reflect.  I wish I would have taken notes or Tivo'd it.  Anyway, it touched on helping everyone, or how every movie has influenced him, even the ones he didn't steal from, it was about Hollywood in general.  It was about our past, our future, and our present and how they're all reflected in film.  It was inspiring.  The Oscars did what Local H should have the night before, they lifted my spirits.  Maybe it was a combination of the two.  The obits always get me, it's amazing how many people die every year that you totally forget about.  I love being reminded of my mortality.


Moral of the story:  Clint's the fuckin' Man.


As far as Monday and Tuesday are concerned, it's pretty much been business as usual.  Work blows, but it's bearable.  Tuesday ASM sucked because my supervisor showed up and I had all of one kid present.  I also was feeling inspired, wanting to write but of course the 'net blew my momentum.  Whatever.  I've also been having strange dreams as of late.  It's strange enough that I'm remembering them, because I never do, but they've been vivid.  Shortcuts through graveyards, my dreams becoming real, images, people, something to do with pheromones in one.  They've just been odd, no real meaning behind them either.  At least that I can discern.  Hmm...


Guess that's about it, this wasn't as long as I thought it'd be.  Thanks to the distractions it only took me about two hours.  Damn Law and Order, freakin' Simpsons. 







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