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And I'm alone
Yeah if I make it I'd be amazed
Just to find tomorrow
One more day and I'd be amazed
Just to see it waiting
And if I make it I'm still alone
No more hope for better days
But if I could change
Then I'd really be amazed

Well, today was productive.  I finally got the sway bar brackets fixed on my baby.  Then for some reason I agreed to get her detailed next week for $75.  I'm really an idiot sometimes, but it's spring, it'll be just before Spring Break and Mora will be looking fine.  Mora's my Jeep, noobs.  I think, once again, I might be trying to get sick.  It's all those damn sick kids at work.  Whatever, the Maker's is working just fine.  Gotta love whiskey.  Let's see, the Honor Roll/Special Attendance deal was today, the kids liked it, I guess.  I yoinked a couple of pens and some post-its.  I'm such a rebel, actually I was told to take what I wanted. 

"She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen."

That's such a good flick.  No plans after school, so I cashed my checks, paid some bills, and tried buying MVP but it was sold out.  Eh, like I don't have enough to do here.  For example catching up on Circadian, sorry about that, your friends page is blown up right now.  Lunch was rushed, never enough time, it's getting kind of old.  *swigs Maker's*  Arrgh.  Whatever.  Anything else?  What'd I miss.  I don't know.  Oh Sarah and Julie invited me to play games at her crib, and for some reason I said no.  Board games, people, get your minds outta the gutta.  I guess I'm depressed over some crap, the usual, women, work, NIN tix.  Well that's not so usual, but yeah I was about sixth in line for Nine Inch Nails tickets and of course, no dice.  Sold Out.  Life is beautiful.  So here I am, bored, trying to save money this weekend, listening to songs that I shouldn't be, drinking, and wasting time.  Eh, what was I saying about time? 

Piss away potential
Everyday is a waste
And I'm wasted everyday

I wish.  Heh.

Later days,



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