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What you lookin' at?
You all a bunch of fuckin' assholes.
You know why?
You don't have the guts to be what you wanna be.
You need people like me.
You need people like me so you can point your fuckin' fingers and say, "That's the bad guy."
So...what does that make you?
You're not good.
You just know how to hide, how to lie.
Me, I don't have that problem.
Me, I always tell the truth.
Even when I lie.
So say good night to the bad guy!
Come on.
The last time you gonna see a bad guy like this again, let me tell you.

What a great movie.  There's so many lines in it.  Guess it was a good decision not to go out, my cough was bothering me on and off, I saved money, and I drank here.  Besides, like the last episode of Scrubs.  You can't have your cake and eat it too.  Umm, yeah or like Joe used to say, you can't have your cake and Edith too.  What the fuck am I doing?  I guess I'm cheating, I keep going back and fixing my typos.  It's all good.  Three day weekend, eh, what good is it if you've got nothing to do?  Spring Break coming up, yay.  I think I need some new ink.  One thing I admire about Tony Montana, he didn't take shit from anyone.  No guff.  I hate swallowing my pride, I hate doing the right thing, I hate being the bigger person.  It's fuckin' bullshit.

Is this it? That's what it's all about, Manny? Eating, drinking, fucking, sucking? Snorting? Then what? You're 50.

I've got about 20 years to go then...

Later On,

Coach G


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