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Things I Need Explained to Me.

Why I constantly check for E-mail when I know I don't have any new mail.  My phone lets me know when I have mail from certain people, yet I still check everytime I'm online.

Why my voice sounds ten times cooler and sexier when I'm losing it/lost it.

How long beer in the fridge is good for.

Why Maker's Mark is so damn tasty.

Why something that feels so right can be so wrong.

Why I feel the need to make asinine posts multiple times a day.

I just got through watching Say Anything.  I guess I'm really bored, hence chick flicks and lame posts.  I almost wish I was at work, maybe I'll go back to sleep then. 

I'm sorry I've wasted your time yet again.

"Lloyd, Lloyd, all null and void..."



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