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When tha shit goes down...

Livin on phat pockets on flat wit tha gat
Rollin around nine deuce cadillac
Still got my homies to watch my back
And they’ll smoke ya ass if ya wanna come chat
Thats why some pigs an tha kids come sweatin they follow
A hollow point shell’s hard ta swallow
Why wallow when ya come ta roll on I put tha clip an dust
Bring ya ass on,kickin dust on ya head as tha gatt busts
My grip surronded I’m about ta get rushed I brushed wit death
How many shells stuffed in my closet? ? ?

When tha shit goes down ya better be ready (when tha shit goes down)
When tha shit goes down ya better be ready (when tha shit goes down)
When tha shit goes down ya better be ready (when tha shit goes down)
When tha shit goes down ya better be ready (ya better be ready)

I told tha boyz get tha sawed off glock and tha rest of tha gats
As I strapped on tha bullet-proof vest
Boom I think I got one to tha chest
Hot damn I didn’t want to kill a man shit
I still stand tall with tha hill clan y’all better stand back
Niggaz bout ta fall I’m comin out blastin like yosemite
Sam get tha cheese an tha bread for tha ham

When tha shit goes down ya better be ready (when tha shit goes down)
When tha shit goes down ya better be ready (when tha shit goes down)
When tha shit goes down ya better be ready (when tha shit goes down)
When tha shit goes down ya better be ready (ya better be ready)

-Cypress Hill


Okay, so Friday was Friday, I guess I'll leave it at that.  I didn't make it to the Bottom Lounge on Saturday so I'm wondering how that went.  We're all responsible for our actions, even when said actions are going to have unfavorable reprecussions, you should stand up and take it like a man.  I hate cowards.  I'd like to think that although I have a lot of shortcomings, cowardice isn't one of them.  Well, unless a beautiful woman is involved, then I cower like a little girl.  Anyway, I'm finally reading House of Leaves and it's amazing so far, inspiring even.  Five days of work left and I'm still wondering what I will do over break, I know that I'm going to keep f'ing busy for one.  Without work I'm going to have a lot more down time which usually leads to pondering and lamenting.  Maybe I'll just make GIFs all week.  I do need to catch up on some movies, I think Motorhead is in town on Monday, and Suffrajett's playing on Friday w/Scott.  Plus the PSP comes out that week too.  *sighs*  I'd really, really, like to go on that trip to Utah, but it's probably not going to happen.  For one, I already have a full schedule of drinking, moping, sulking, and playing X-Box between concerts and suicide attempts.  Second, and more importantly, I don't think I'd be all that comfortable with the crew going to Utah. 

Granted I've know them for years now, but they're like work friends, as lame as that sounds.  It's different.  I don't know how comfortable I'd be sleeping around them for instance, sharing a tent.  What if I talk in my sleep, (I don't that I know of) or snore (that I've been known to do) or drool, you know things like that.  Or in the event that I run out of money, etc.  I just won't feel as secure, I don't know.  It's only a week, it's a beautiful trip, it'll be three people per car on the way there, four back.  Two cars, experienced outdoors men.  I mean look at the place... plus a huge party in Denver on the way back  Crap, I don't even have a Magic 8-Ball around to help me make my decision.  Money's a problem too though, I need to buy a new phone, and I'm sure it'll be a few hundred dollars in lodging, food, gas, etc.  Although we'll be camping for free and staying w/friends of friends in some cases.  Another thing is that they're all very active and outdoorsy, I've been camping but not for many years.  They plan on white water rafting, hiking, and God knows what else.  Not that I'm afraid but I just don't want them to feel like I'm a burden if I can't keep up.  At the same time I don't want to just stay at the campsite.  Or do I?  I could write, I could go shooting, eh.  Am I really even considering it?  Is anyone still reading this?

In other news, the Contender is becoming my favorite show.  Boxing rocks, but add drama, editing, and dramatic music, combined with a little scripting and you've got a hit.  That cocky bastard got served tonight but something tells me he's the one coming back next week.  We'll see.

Crap I've been sitting here for about an hour, I'm not getting anymore on the page tonight.

'Nite Habibtee



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