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Change my pitch up...

My timing's been off at work. I guess the time off has made me rusty. I also don't understand why people would keep talking to you if you're not even making eye-contact. I don't care about how your weekend went. I don't care who called and what you did last night. I'm trying to civil, I'm trying to be nice. Other than asking someone to shut the fuck up, what else can I do? No eye contact, no responses. I don't get it.

I think I reached a kid at work today. It felt good. We also had a fire. Again.

We lost an ex-student over the week. I was sad for a few moments. Then I had a couple of conversations, what goes around comes around. Let me tell you a story, about how things work. Kid's off for spring break. Kid decides to slang dope around the crib since he can't at work. Kid slangs dope on the wrong corner. Pop, pop, pop!

Why do I get to meet, to enjoy, to connect with fucking amazing people, soulmates if you will, only to have them taken from me?

Tuesday's having been inspiring as of late. My Tuesday's with TV if you will. Scrubs just gets better and better. There's always a line or two, or a moment on every episode that speaks to me. I always find it to be somewhat relevant. The Shield is amazing as usual, Glenn Close was a great addition, I think they're pushing for a straight-arrow, more likeable Vic. Speaking of Vic, he had a great line that went something like this, paraphrasing of course:

"When the shit goes down these guys run to the pussy they're getting into or the pussy they came out of."

Heh. Then there's Project Greenlight. This guy's adamant about casting his friggin' family. If I had this chance, well, it would have to be my script first off. Ha, I guess I'd be the same way, with the exception that I wouldn't be pulling for my family. It'd be more like Salma, Michelle, Penelope, you gals busy? But seriously, I was pulling for John to direct, now he's just killing me.

Fantasy draft went well last night, eventhough I was fifteen minutes late. Who schedules crap in the middle of 24? I also tweaked the new colors here, it was difficult to see the cursor in certain spots. How'd it get so damn late? Eh, time for the Sandman I guess. Oh, I almost forgot, I've gotten a few compliments on my hair, really scalp, heh. Of course that means I've got to let it grow now. I don't take compliments well. Also, does that mean that my hair is like horrible? The shorter it's gotten, the more people have liked it. Geez, can't a brother have a ponytail or cornrows? Okay, I'm just rambling now.

Holla atcha boy,


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