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Winners don't quit, and quitters never win.

I'm starting to slack on this thing, have to try to do better. I wanted to jump on early this morning. I had just gotten in from watching LOTR-Return of the King. I loved it. A little long, but everything wraps us nicely. Fight scenes, special effects, everything was great. Saw the Spider-Man trailer, looks great.

God I'm exhausted, the movie didn't start until 12:10 AM, but we got there well before 11 and there already was a line to get into theater. (sidenote-not that it's a big deal, but two people told me they'd pay me for tix and of course didn't, if you can't then don't say you will, more annoying than anything.) Didn't get out of Evanston until almost four, so ended up going to bed about 4:30. Probably would have slept all day but I got a lovely wake up. :)

Watched Girlfight in the morning, that's where I got the quitters line from, among others in the gym. Great flick, I love Michelle Rodriguez. Also made some phone calls, it was a good morning overall. Guess it always is when you're not at work. Two more days!!! Woot! If anyone's reading, Mullens Friday afternoon/night be there!

That reminds me, people have to relax, and you know who you are. Some people are just trying to do their jobs, remember that jackholes. Let's see, what else is going on? I hate everything as usual, things just don't want to fucking workout...just waiting for this God forsaken year to end. Then there's New Year's, guess no one really has plans...I still want to go to Local H at the Double Door...any takers?

"Casper lives in a world without promise, sitting at home in his pajamas, just wishing it would all go away somehow."

I feel like friggin' Casper...anyone know where that's from? Big time points if you do. It's like I've finally found or know what I want and there's not much I can do about it. Acck Freakin' South Park distracting back in a few.

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