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I hate computers but I love Salma Hayek...

Whatever that means. Anyway, f'ing computer is acting up at home, and they always do at work. Why can't things just work? It's not like I'm trying to put rockets on the moon or figure out Pi to the Nth degree. I just want to surf the 'net, listen to music, write, and watch the occassional movie. Anyway it was acting up so I decided to clean it up a bit, unfortunately I don't even have enough room to run a defrag. Guess you need at least 15% free, I had 9 I got it down to 12 over the weekend. I'm trying to burn my images/pics on to CDs (which I've done before) but it won't let me. Like it doesn't recognize the drive. However, I can still burn music onto CDs, ugh. 80gigs almost half of which is music, heh. Okay enough boring shit, it's just typical, I was all happy about the NY shit and then the comp starts slowing down. I can never be up because inevitably something brings me down...

Speaking of being of up, Cubs! Woo! Illini! Woo! Sox! fuck it, Woo! Can't wait, *trembling* okay I better chill and try to make it through another day here in hell. Still never caught Sin City, maybe I'll try to see it during the week w/ J-Rock, incidentally Roundeye's looking for another guitarist. Yeah, okay. Ohhhh wait, they're also playing Warped tour when they're in town that's pretty f'ing cool. Okay as Strong Bad would say...


-Strong Gil

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