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Randomness from the last few days...

Roundeye/Mullen's Wednesday night. Jeremy and the guys sounded really good at the Double Door. Ran into Angela, Jen, Missy, the usuals.
PSP concerns - Everyone says it sucks, dead pixels, etc. I still want it of course. TechTV/g4 has hacks for it, they like it.
Money - can always use more.
Flights to NY roundtrip ATA around 200 bucks.
Llama got her ticket!
Pope lines, people calling the nitwits in line nuts. Hey same as waiting for concerts, shows, movies. Nuts in line for Episode III already. Everyone has a vice, a poison.

Everyone has to believe in something.

Baseball is my religion or film, or something.
Living your life on other's terms.
The H that is local.
Whip-Smart. I miss Liz Phair
Weather earlier in the week, the ladies were already wearing less clothes.
I'm getting cabin fever, but it's freezing again today, go figure.
Conversation w/ Swanie last night, interesting, awkward, sad.
It'll pass.

It all will.

I'm already smiling, play ball muthafuckers.

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