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I want you to punch me as hard as you can.

Seriously.  Either that, or I'm going to kill someone.  Fuck!!!!  Maybe bitching about it here will calm me down.  I actually looked up anger and anger management shit and it made me angrier.  Tell yourself to calm down.  Practice yoga.  What the fuck?  Fuck you, calm down.  If I could tell myself to relax would I be looking it up genius?'s nothing in particular either, just plans going down the shitter, as usual.  Hell, the Cubs even pitched a one hitter, but I couldn't watch most of the fuckin' game.  I've got no ride to the bar either, maybe I'll just walk down there, like that's what I need right now, a bar.  Unfortunately plans have been made and I can't stand D up, not again.  It's not going to be pretty tonight, but that's what the Lord wants, he threw all this shit at me today so I have no other choice but to get hammered.  Right? 

We'll see, I mean I have some Maker's right here, but I haven't touched it yet.  Fuck.  Then Jules cancelled, she's got to babysit or some shit, she did crack me up though.  "These people are going to let me watch their kids."  Ha ha ha!  If they only knew.  Fuck it, I'm still aggro.  Still haven't seen Sin City, that  fell through as well, why the fuck does everything have to be a goddamn epic ordeal.  Getting tickets, seeing what time, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Then the boat show, I kind of asked my brother if he wanted to go with, I figured then we could easily drive it, but then what if I fly.  I'm sure as hell not paying for two plane tix.  Also hotel costs, food, etc.  everything'll double.  Do I want to go for the weekend or just Sunday or what?  Then there's also Llama, hanging out with me is going to be hard enough, a total stranger will definitely be worse, heh.  I also would like to hang out longer than just Sunday if possible because everyone knows you can't really talk to someone during a show.  Hmm..

This and a combination of O.K. on the I-tunes is helping but I'm sure I'll be raging again soon.  Fawk, what else?  It's nothing earth-shattering, hell that I can handle, but it's the little dissapointments, the small loses that drive me up the wall.  It's actually hurting to type, guess I shouldn't have punched the desk....over and over.  Okay, now I really sound either insane or overdramtic.  I'm an Internet attention whore, someone comment or chat with me!

Not really, but that's what I'm coming off as, right?  Especially since I hate people like that, people that only bitch and moan, cry for attention.  That's what the LJ's for though, isn't it?  Well it did work, I feel a little better.

I'm either erasing this whole entry or making it private.

I suck.


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