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Alternate realities

A friend of mine asks the question, what if?

I hate asking that question, only because I'm afraid of the answer.

What if we really tried?  Where would we be now?
If the curtain was rising and not yet our bow? 

For years now, each other we've known.
Yet further apart, is all we've grown.

What if we had a time but somehow we missed it?
If we never met, would I be emptier inside, or would that void never existed?

Worlds apart, but what if we could "be"?
Would I be there, or you here with me?

Better to have...and lost, some say.  What if they're wrong, would I go back to that day?

I guess it's pointless to ask, most things can't be undone.  But if I had the chance, I don't know that I'd change even one. 

Hmm...a little something on the fly.

-G Sauce

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