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Fuckin' Cubs. Goddamn you Woody.

Work sucks, but Rob got me out of a jam. Britney finally let everyone know about our little bundle of joy. I wonder if he'll have my eyes?

I'm tired. I don't get enough sleep and I hate my job sometimes. Sure it has its perks, its benefits, but somedays I just want to go postal. Roundeye's playing tonight but I don't think I'm going to make it to SubT tonight.

Someone please kick my ass and make me:
A) Do my f'ing taxes.
B) Finish sending out bills
C) Send out rebates, etc.
D) Start working on plans for NYC.

I've done some of it, looked up hotels, airfare, etc. But what exactly do I want to do and how long do I want to stay? I've got about two months to work things out, but we'll see. On another note, the new Shelby is going to be friggin' sweeeet!

I want one. Hey at least the Cubs got two back. Put your rally caps on bitches.

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