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Where does the time go?

Crap there's a lot I want to write about but I've got to get to bed.  Grrr...we were working on the computer today, actually more like my brother was working on the computer today so I really haven't been on.  Anyway here goes.

First off I want to congratulate my boy Jeremy and his now fiance Jen.  It couldn't happen to two better or more deserving people.  I guess they're shooting for a wedding sometime next year.  Maybe there's a chance for the rest of us eh?

They'll kill me if they see this picture, heh.

Okay onto Friday and Audioslave.  I was getting ticked off Friday, I couldn't get anyone to go and I really didn't want to end up going with a stranger so I ended up convincing my brother to tag along.  At one point, I considering not going at all, it just pisses me off that although I know dozens of people, there are very few that I can really consider friends, even less that I can depend on.  Eh...anyway onto to the show.  I got rock star parking on Broadway not like these suckers paying twenty bucks a pop to use the parking lot.  The line getting in was pretty insane, and halfway through it, I forgot I had my swiss army with me.  Luckily I held it in my hand with my keys and the security guard was too busy checking my pockets, hoody, and skull cap.  We got our wristbands and obligatory brews and walked up the stairs to the main floor.  Polonsky was pretty decent, I liked the drummer having water/some liquid on his skins so it splashed when he hit them.  It was surreal though, I was comfortable in that for once I wasn't the oldest guy in the room, as a matter of fact I was on the younger side.  Surrounded by middle aged, graying, thinning, white men, it was just a strange feeling.  Is that going to be me in a decade or so, going to Local H shows trying to hold on to my youth.  Forever Young comes to mind.  Not that it's a bad thing, it's just...strange I guess.  I hate being reminded of my own mortality.  However all that shit went away when Mary Morello hit the stage...

Hello Chicago, are you ready to rock? Cause this is the best fucking band in the Universe!

She obviously hasn't heard of Local H, heh.  Anyway Tom and the rest of the guys come out and hug her and they rip into Set it Off.  Exploder's next followed by a new song, Your Time Has Come.  I have a feeling that's going to be big.  Like a Stone is next followed by the first cover of the night.  Spoonman.  The crowd predictably explodes.  Gasoline, another couple of new songs Out of Exile and Doesn't Remind Me follow.  Around this point Cornell talks about how people say the band's lucky to have him on vocals but he says he's lucky to have them playing with him.  He also mentioned playing the Aragon years ago with Soundgarden and how he climbed onto the balcony and jumped on some people.  Tom talked about watching the Clash there and how it inspired him to play guitar.  He added that years from now he'd be there watching people from the audience play on the same stage.  After the new songs they play Be Yourself and then Chris says they're going to take it down a little.  He leaves the stage and they rip into....

Bulls on Parade!

Instrument but it kicks sooooo much ass.  The audience literally goes insane.  Everyone's fuckin' jumping.  It was so awesome to hear Tom, Brad, and Tim rip into it.  It really took me back.  One of my first true rock shows was Atari Teenage Riot, The Wu-Tang Clan, and Rage Against the Machine.  The Aggression Tour I think, fuckin' awesome.  Chris comes out and they go into Sleep Now in the Fire!  Amazing.  As if the crowd wasn't crazy enough, they go into more Soundgarden, they play Outshined and finish the set perfectly with Shadow on the Sun.


Chris comes out alone and plays an amazing acoustic rendition of Black Hole Sun. He then starts playing I Am The Highway acoustic. Midway through the song the rest of the band joins him. Awesome.  If I remember correctly, they did the same thing two years ago at the Riv. Show Me How to Live is next up and then...Killing in the Name is played and the crowd explodes one more time, it very well may be the craziest I've ever seen the Aragon.  The slow it down with The show ends full circle with the song that started it all, Cochise.

F'ing awesome show, I got my ass kicked and that's what any great band should do to you, kick your f'ing ass.

As far as the rest of the weekend, Saturday was spent watching baseball and movies.  Namely Napoleon Dynamite and Fight Club.  Strange combination, I know.  Today was pretty good, Cubs win!  Bulls win!  Sergio Mora wins!  Alfonso Gomez wins!  My ethernet card is fucked I guess, but my brother hooked us up through a USB for now.  Makes the router useless however, we'll have to switch back and forth for the X-Box, eh.  S'alright.  Six weeks til NYC.  I still don't have a clue.  I did buy an Atlas today though, just in case.  Also picked up the new Garbage.  God when did I become so cheap, I had the PSP in my hands and didn't buy it.  I'm saving for NY is my excuse, we'll see I guess but I swear it's the least amount of money I've spent at Best Buy in years. 

I need to find me a sugar mama.

Anyhoo, I'm out, catch you all on the flipside...



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