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Gayest post ever.

four things I was supposed to write about.
*Mullen's, eh.
*The friggin' Cubs game, what a game.  Holy shit.  Patterson walk off Homerun.  Money.
*So it turns out B's got a boyfriend.
"He's got a good job and knows what he's doing with his life"
Since when is that so important?  So what if I'm almost thirty and I still don't know what I'm going to do with my life.  Whatever.  I also found out Tom Cruise is dating Katie Holmes.  WTF!  That's two off the market.  God, I want to write but I'm passng out here.

So I get home and there's like ten gangbangers inf ront of the kindergarden down the block.  Throwing signs and shit, wtf?  Yeah the cops pull over my cousin frisk and shake him up or are ready to give me tickets but where are they when you need them.  That's it, that's what I'm doing, becoming five-o, me and my brother.  As long as I can be like Vic.

Seriously though, some of you probably already know this, but I was going to be a police officer at one point.  I took Criminal Justice as a major/minor, I passed the written test, the background checks, etc.  I got an appointment to take the psych test, which I drove to, downtown, pparked in fron t of where I was supposed to take it and I promptly waited for it to start and I drove off.  Why?  I don't hink I could be a cop for the rest of my life, when you're a police officer it seems to m eyou're a cop 24/7.  I know enough police officers now that it'd be easier if I did it again, but rookies get the shit hours, shit duties, etc.  I think I'm too old to start at teh bottom of the food chain again.  At any job.

Fuck, where's my sugar mama?  Why can't I win the lottery or something, not have to worry about working or "having a good job and knowing where I'm going with my life".  I'm not going to NY anymore.  I'm broke, it's too much of a hassle.  I asked my mechanic if my car would make it to NYC, he literally laughed.  Comforting.  Plane tickets are all over the place and then finding a room sucks.  I'm a whiny bitch aren't I?  Heh.  Eh, we'll see.  Stll plenty of time left.

I think it's good not to know where you're going. I say enjoy the trip.  I say if you know where you're going, what's the point of the trip?  I never want to be complete, I like having potential, if you live up to it, if you become sated, then what?  If you're content, then where's the motivation to move on?  If everything's perfect, why would you change it?  Move forward, never be satisfied, don't settle.  What the fuck am I rambling about?  I'm the only sane person in the house.

Oh something else that bothers me, people that are all of a sudden Cubs fans or Bulls fans, sports fans in general.  "Wow did you see the game?  Woods did a good game."  Or they tell me they've got tickets, what the fuck?  YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?  That's why tickets are insanely high, that's why half the people at Wrigley are on their cells or drunk off their asses asking me who's up and what happened.  Ugh.  Whatever, sorry for the rant.  Oh Paris, you're an idiot, you're worried about a hairdryer adn you almost left TEN to TWENTY GRAND in a drawer.  Must be nice.

Say it ain't so Joey Potter, say it ain't so. 

Sorry for wasting your time with this tripe, heh.  Next time on Gilbert's Creek:  We find out how the rest of his week went, will he see Roundeye on Friday?  Will he go to Secrets on Saturday?  Will he work on his plans for NYC?  Find out on the next episode of Gilbert's Creek.


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