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A Day in the Life Of...

5:25 AM-Wake up, three S's, grab some OJ and...
6:02 AM-Out the door
6:42 AM-Swipe in at work
6:44 AM-Check New Strong Bad E-mail while it's playing...
6:45 AM-Download/Upload school info downtown while that's going...
6:48 AM-Connect Apollo II (my I-Pod) throw Suffrajett on
7:05 AM-Leave the office, enter the jungle
7:06 AM-Set up the swipe system
7:15 AM-Open the zoo for business
8:01 AM-Start giving out tardies
8:50 AM-Back to the office, start working on reports, making calls etc.
8:51 AM-Check E-mail, Local H BBS, Livejournal, and anything else to keep me from working, hahahaha
From this point on I actually work on and off, dealing with BS, etc until...
10:45 AM-Go home for lunch
11:37 AM-Cover security desk
12:26 PM-Back to the office
Back to the grind for a while
2:32 PM-Swipe out
3:02 PM-Photography seminar
4:58 PM-Cruise home
5:03 PM-Almost get into fight with idiot driver behind me wanting me to blow red
5:18 PM-Detour to get mane cut
5:19 PM-She's busy, I have to kill an hour
5:28 PM-Best Buy (New NIN, Blade:Trinity)
5:56 PM-Fill Maureen up with 25 bucks of gasolina, which equals about half a gallon these days
6:06 PM-Get faded
6:46 PM-Finally get home
6:46:12 PM-Someone already pisses me off
6:51 PM-Chill
7:00 PM-Watch the Cubs while eating dinner
8:35 PM-Log on, chat a bit, check E-mail
9:01 PM-The Shield
10:04 PM-Back on here, chat with peeps, read LJ's, I'm stealing Jennifer's idea, maybe tomorrow
10:16 PM-Start this entry
10:40 PM-Get voicemailed about going to a strip club, on a Tuesday night, *shakes head*
10:54 PM-Worry this is taking too long and I have to get to bed to do it all over again tomorrow
10:55 PM-Right now...

So I was planning on writing about my headache yesterday which caused me to take half a day at work. Maybe touch on Kung Fu Hustle, talk about all the movies and CD's dropping this month, and wrapping it up with a poll which I'm stealing from Jennifer. However, time was run out once again, go figure. I don't know how it happens, there's just never enough time.

I'm trying though...remember "Time is precious, but truth is more precious than time." Ahh wisdom from fortune cookies.

More tomorrow, I promise Viv, heh...


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