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I really was going to write today. Honest. I actually drank coffee at work today I was so sleepy. I don't see kids or teachers anymore, I see targets. Don't take me literally I'm not going postal or anything like that. I've been at the computer since 8:30, IMing, surfing the 'net, messing with my fantasy baseball team, anything but writing. They banned LJ at work so I can't write from there, and I've been busy here, well, not really. Guess I'm just not in the mood lately. Who cares y'know? Exactly.

Anyway, I saw Crash tonight and it is fuckin' amazing. I wanted to race home and write, it was inspiring. It keeps you in suspense, it angers you, it breaks your heart. I won't ruin it for anyone but wow, there are some scenes that are just jaw-dropping. Great cast with superb performances, it's about racism, relationships, detachment, fate, life, death. I want to see it again soon. I totally understand why you ran out J, crazy.

I should get to bed...


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