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Decisions, decisions...

How the hell am I supposed to make big decisions if even small one perplex me beyond belief. I'm home from work, I've got Episode III tonight. Of course I'm going to try to make it to work right after. I'm such a responsible fuck, especially since I could be canned at any moment and I really shouldn't show the board of ed any f'ing loyality. I have personals I can take but I'm saving them for NYC next month, just in case. See what I mean about decisions. Anyway, do I stay up the whole day/night meaning the first chance I'll get to sleep would be about 24 hours from now or do I try to nap until 1030ish, I know there's no way that'll happen. Crap. Ten years ago staying up 20, 30 hours straight wasn't a challenge, it was a cheap way to get high, heh. Lately I feel like I can't function on my regular six hours or What to do, what to do? First things, first, I have to pry myself from this thing, so a quick check on my fantasy team (Cubs won again bitches) and the H board and I'm out.

May the Force be with you,


PS-wow I'm lame.

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