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Return to sender...

So, how are you? Great! Let's see, well Episode III was great. Ties up everything nicely and didn't disappoint. I won't go into details and ruin it, but it was sweet. A couple of fights over spots, a few people dressed up, and some guy watching the original Star Wars on his laptop, nothing too exciting. It was only my brother and I, which was kind of sad in a way, but it's indicative of the way life's been going as of late. I remember for the Matrixes, the Lord of the Rings film, and Episodes I and II we were always rolling deep. We got into a fight with members of Chicago Force downtown waiting for Episode I, we spent a whole morning trying to get out of a parking garage after the last Lord of the Rings, good times, good times.

Anyway, I tried sleeping before the show, but couldn't get to bed. Not a nap, a siesta, nada. So, we show up an hour early get good seats and watch the flick. I end up getting home around 3:30, toss and turn eventhough I'm exhausted, when I finally start falling asleep, it starts storming. The dog freaks, lightning crashes and I can't sleep. 5:27 rolls around and I start getting ready for work. Needless to say I'm operating on about an hour or so of sleep.

Luckily work was different today, I ended up running downtown on an errand for half the day, and doing everything I could to stay awake the other half of the day. Stine called about 3ish and I was on the way home, she was at the Green Mill but I couldn't hear how long until doors opened at the Aragon. Anyway I tried getting there ASAP but I didn't catch her in time, I considered getting some ink since I was in the neighborhood with nothing to do. It started storming again so I just headed home.

I was almost going to make an entry of non-sensical crap. I also had a few thoughts, inspirations on the drive home but I think half of it was due to the sleep deprivation. I get slap-happy and borderline insane. I was running on Red Bull and fumes. I took a nap after dinner but it didn't last long, so I'll be knocking out shortly. Flex day tomorrow so meetings and the kids are gone early, sweet.

What the hell is going on this weekend? Who knows? Who's the Man? Heh, umm yeah, see what I mean here I go again...oh btw I freakin' love pineapple. Seriously, it's just a pain to cut. Yummers even.

Random things i saw on the drive home: Mother holding umbrella for kids in the storm. Kid pushing younger sibling on stroller.

Rain falling like so many unaswered prayers, being returned to sender.

I should get to bed, sweet, sweet sleep...deat..err sandman take me away.

Gil De Noriega

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