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Sex, Lies, and Camera Phones. (Vol. 2)

So, I thought I'd be leaving people in suspense, shows what I know. The question that arose was about my writing. I think my dad's basically given up on me, I don't blame him. He's stopped giving me the "you have to set goals" speech, and the whole "what are you going to do next?" line of questioning. Mom never really brings it up, she did the other day, very simply. "How come you don't write anymore?" It kind of broke my heart a little. I think I mumbled something like "I still do." I don't even know where to begin, anyway I was also thinking about it earlier in the day. As far as getting my journal read more, putting it on search engines and the such. I can't even get my friends interested in it, how am I supposed to get the general public?

I guess watching The Contender got me thinking as well, the Project Greenlights, the producers, the whole ordeal. It's also hiring season for the Fall season in Hollywood right now, it's the time of year that they hire new writers for the Fall. What happened? I'm rambling, but like Sergio, Alfonso, Peter, how they want/wanted to win for their families, for their kids, and how they don't want to let them down. I don't know, it's just gotten me thinking on how I know I've let people down. But I digress, if I start lamenting about this I'll be here for a while.

I've got whole stories in my head, I just wish I could put them on paper somehow. I've lost my muses, as most of you can tell from my lackluster entries as of late. Maybe I'll just stop for a while, that hasn't really helped in the past, hmm. It's probably just that I don't have a whole lot to talk about. My life is a bore.

I've lost them...all of them.

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