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Dare I say it...

As Ice Cube would say...

Today was a good day.

Work was a breeze, well unless you count checking out the campus for stalkers, locking up a girl for stealing money out of lockers, and dealing with fights.  I'd rather deal with that than boring paperwork and attendance crap anyday, I watched most of The Contender fights on Yahoo TV, had a good lunch, and clocked out.  Watched an amazing episode of Third Watch about a fiery prom night car crash, sent out my last payment so my Credit card is fresh and clean in case I need it, and headed over to drown my sorrows with a spending spree at Best Buy.  I bought the new Audioslave, Gorillaz, Common, and Seether.  Called Stine from Best Buy because the Golden Girls will now forever remind me of her and I also picked up the first season of Scrubs.  How I love that show...and looked into getting a new radio for the jeep.  Sure the passenger side window doesn't roll down and it's making strange noises, but I do have my priorities...heh. 

I get home, have some dinner and then I watch my boys, Sergio and Alfonso take care of business on The Contender http://contender.tv.yahoo.com/01/index.html.  Viva Mexico! My cubbies rallied in the eight, and even the Shield kicked arse.  Now I'm here having a perverted conversation with Bibby, (no so much) and listening to Family Guy.  All in all, not a bad day, so I guess I'll hit the hay before anything happens.

Peace out bitches...

Gila Monster


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