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No rest for the weary...

Crap, once again I'm not getting a chance to update...

Had to attend my couzo's graduation, I'm sorry, I know I sound selfish but I was missing the game and I missed the Shield. The mass beforehand was sooooo long. I actually have lots going on in my head, need to get it out. Church, religion, Priest looked like Count Dooku, I genuflected, ummm...didn't take communion. Part of me was afraid I'd choke on it and the holy water would burn. Then the party afterwards...ugh. Macarena, cha cha slides. Dear Lord, if *coughs* or when I go to hell, these lame ass graduation/bar mitzvah/wedding DJs will be playing the soundtrack. My good ol' Catholic upbringing. Long ass speeches...

"The award for not getting any other awards but us not wanting you to go home empty handed goes to..."

"Remember first grade?" "When you learned to tie your shoes?" "Miss so and so describes you as..."

I swear it wasn't going to end. Oh and the encouragement, why lie to these kids? I'll continue tomorrow, I'll try to be more...coherent.

In the meantime for your writing pleasure...

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