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Gee, it's great being single and young.

Where did I leave off?  Saturday I stayed in and missed Roundeye, I suck, I know.  Watched the Best of Alec Baldwin on SNL as I lost consciousness.  Sunday was a lazy day, at least at first.  I hung around waiting for anyone and everyone to call, all the while thinking I'd be fine getting my ticket at the door since my ticket hook up fell through.  I watch some Scrubs, played some X-Box, watch the Cubbies win and eventually call about tickets.  So I find out there's only forty tickets left, umm..okay, no need to worry.  I shower get ready, play a little phone tag, one last call to check before I hop on the CTA.

Fifteen tickets left.  Fuck.

I'm not taking any chances, the bus isn't coming (dumbass Sunday schedules) so I decide to cab it to Wicker Park.  about half an hour and twenty-six dollars later I'm at the Double Door  I meet up with Gracie bettydiamond and I head inside to get my ticket.  The front door is closed so I head in through the side while one of the bands are doing soundcheck.  Someone finally asks us what we need and directs us down the stairs, we walk by Brian and Scott on our way to this room in the bowels of the Double Door.  It feels like someone's about to jump us and wake up the gimp when the huge doorman asks me what I need.  can I get a ticket...*coughs*   I clear my throat, "I'm looking for a ticket for tonight."  I get ushered in and the lady sells me one, it looks like there's about half a dozen left.  We get the hell out of there and I return ~Stine's not_a_sycophant call.  She had called while I was in Zed's basement getting the ticket.  Turns out she's across the street (and not hard to miss, heh) with her friend Jaime. (Meeeeow!)  We walk over to them and say hello.  We pop into Reckless Records for a minute, I dump my stuff off in Grace's car and we then join the ladies for a drink at Pint.,0,1605271.venue  Little by little people start calling and showing up at Pint.  Eventually Dewey live2cd, Melissa, a couple of her friends, and Wade join us for a few drinks before H goes on.  Jagerbombs, Effen Vodka, Jack, and beers were had by all, okay maybe most of that was just me, but I digress.  We walk over to the show and the place is fuckin' packed.  It's literally at least 80, 85 degrees in there.  We place our votes, did I mention it was the first show where H was going to play songs the audience picked?

The setlist was pretty awesome, granted they played the staples, but they also played SPORTS BAR!!!  It was awesome, I literally have not heard that song live in years.  They also played Grrrlfriend, Back in the Day, and What Can I Tell You?  The crowd was decent, I loved it when half of them were like WTF? when the old school came on.  All I have to say is that the world needs more Ham Fisted.  Of course tons of more H heads were in attendance Bela belasuperphaser, Kris hot4scott, Steph stephicoke, Dave, Tom, Becky, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting or don't know by name.  Afterwards Scott mentioned that he'd be spinning at the Smart Bar so a bunch of us decided to head over.

I walked Gracie to her car, she wasn't going to be able to make it, and picked up my gear.  At this point, I was deciding whether or not to go to the Smart Bar or just call it a night, I was, after all, exhausted and soaked.  I head back toward the "L" and as luck would have it I run into the legendary Hex Hernandez from ...For All I Care.  I guess he was cruising Wicker Park with his pal Jen, we decide to have a drink at the Pontiac Cafe,0,2728989.location and I take the opportunity to do my best Superman routine and I pull a quick change.  Seconds later, so fresh and so clean.  I mention the Smart Bar and we finish up and head there.  It doesn't take us long to get there, cover's five bucks but people with stubs from the show you got in for free, I convinced the doorman that we had all just left the H show.  We head in and the place is pretty dead, Scott's not there and I don't see anyone.  I run into Kris and Steph and shoot the shit for a while.  I mention to them that it's a shame that we only seem to hang out before and after Local H shows.  A lot of us live in the area so I don't see why we don't do it up more often.  Whoever was spinning was playing great stuff, Scott shows up but is behind the bar for a while.  Meanwhile Hector has to take off and I don't want to end up stranded so I take off with him.  We head west to drop off Jen, I'm trashed at this point, in the backseat laughing and picking on him as he's trying to be Don Juan, heh.  We drop her off and head home, or so I thought...

It's almost three AM at this point and we get a call from his brother.  He needs a ride home from the Green Dolphin so we head over there, I'm heading downtown again, for about the tenth time this week.  We hit the expressway and I'm not entirely sure that Hex is either totally sober or awake.  It was a trip getting there.  I guess it was like a Spanish night at the club, they're playing merengue, salsa, and reggaeton.  Ugh.  We pick up his brother and his crew, which is a bunch of guys who we've seen grown up.  Basically Erik, Nick, and Dan are our little brothers.  Erik is Hector's, who kind of dated my sister years ago, Nick is Manny's little brother, and Dan is Bob's.  We're all fam so it's cool.  The boys are hammered.  They start talking about getting something to eat, but they only have $15.  Somehow they start crackin' jokes on each other.  I swear I haven't laughed that hard in ages.  Erik's talking about how he could have come up with some girl but that Nick and Dan disappeared.  He was going to introduce her friends to them and they vanished.  I guess they were a bit chunky as were most of the females there.  Now I'm not perfect by any means but you had to be there it was just funny to hear them and their drunken back and forth.  "Fuckin' Dan everytime I saw you, you had a fatter chick."  "I couldn't find no one for like a hour, you must have been hiding behind them."  "So, if you're broke and have no ride, how were you getting home?"  "I guess I was going to have to give a big girl some luvin'."  "Fuckin' Gasolina, I need some to burn their fat-asses up."  Hahahaahaha.  Insensitive?  Yes.  You have to remember these are young guys, think Night at the Roxbury if you will, they're cool like that.  Of course no one's perfect, I guess you just had to be there. 

Nick got a call as were heading north and of course he needed a ride.  Downtown.  Erik gets pissed off, an argument ensues but Hector agrees and we head back.  We get to Division and State and they get all pissy over shaking hands.  Hahaha.  Alcohol.  Finally, after four AM, we jump on Lake Shore Drive and head home.  I get to the crib around 4:30 and pass the fuck out.

Monday is spent recovering, watching a little TV, and hanging out with family.  Dewey and Stine call but I'm too wrapped up with the family to meet them at Gino's East.  I play some MVP and Halo with the kids, play a little catch, and have a lot of food, cake, and ice cream.  Not too shabby for a Memorial Day.  All in all the weekend kicked ass, even if Friday sucked, it was fun to hang out with Dewey and Stine in the car on the way to the Rock, and seeing Grace, Jon, Becky and Tom at the show.  Saturday was just chill, Sunday was wild, and Monday was relaxing.  Not too shabby.

Thanks for the replies, I have so many secrets to blackmail you with now, mwahahaaha.  Not really, I guess I owe you guys one, hmmm...this may not be much of a secret to some of you but I love Dawson's Creek.  For true.  I was also listening to Toto over the weekend, and Erasure.  How's that for hardcore.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I'll catch y'all on the flipside.



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