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"So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending."

It's too fuckin' hot.  Oh wait I know, it's not the heat it's the humidity.  Whatever.  There's a little over a week left and people at work are falling like flies, one of our guards got hit by a car last night and another's been out all week.  I guess he had chest pains, possibly a heart attack.  The guy's in shape too, what the hell does that mean for those of us that aren't.  I don't know how life works sometimes, no wait, it usually works against me.  My mistake, heh.  And I know because of KRS-One.

So, I'm at work and because we're short I'm in the halls most of the time.  It's got to be like a hundred degrees, I swear I see the air getting all wavy.  I also randomly cover for people and to boot my computer goes down.  It gives me the local area cable unplugged message but everything seems to be copacetic.  I really don't have time to look into it, besides we have a tech for that, in theory.  I'm sweating, dying of thirst and dealing with these morons, oh yeah I'm still signing autographs like a rock star.

Dear Mary, good luck in whatever you do, you can be a good girl when you want to be, remember that. -Gil

Deja, good luck at Northern and keep up with your studies.  I'm sure you and your sister will be good at whatever you try.  Take care, Gil.

Hey kid, you're fucked, HS was a breeze compared to what's coming up next.  You think you had it hard here, pfft.  Wait until you're competing with kids who don't have to work, don't have to worry about a baby, and actually got an education that prepared them for College.  However, if you're not going to school, don't worry, you've got 40 some years of hard work to look forward to, if you're lucky.  You might get hit by a car or have a heart attack waaay before then.  Love, Gil.

That's what I should be writing.  Cynic much?  So I finish my shift just to jump into my POS Jeep.  If it's 90 outside I can be sure it's 100 in there.  Front passenger side window doesn't work, back brakes, hub, emergency/parking brakes, etc. are all fucked.  It makes a grinding noise when I drive.  She eats gas like a bitch, about 40/50 dollars worth a week, my radio is a piece of crap, I've got a couple of dents, and my driver side mirror is fucked.  Other than that, she's running fine.  Did I mention my A/C doesn't work.  I'm lovin' it!  To make things better, God has a kid who's probably half my age pull up next to me in a new Caddy.  Hey kids, don't deal drugs, crime doesn't pay.  Work hard, be good, and life will be ooooooooookay!  Wait gotta turn off I-Tunes, my asshole brother just turned on the TV.  I really hate this place.  Speaking of, guess who's summer seems to be planned out for him.  Since I have the whole summer off, and since my father knows it, (because he asks me like every, fucking DAY.) I'm going to be painting, laying tile, etc. all summer long.  At my age I should be doing that shit on my own house, not my dad's, not my aunt's. 

What pisses me off is that I have a brother, I have cousins, but somehow I end up with the BS repair jobs.  Ugh, I hate fixing things, I'm soooo much more of a builder.  Carpentry, I could go for that, but painting and fixing, ehh.  Ever since I was a kid, we never had a new car, we fixed junkers.  We fixed everything around the house, on the house, in the house, other people's houses.  Part of me hated it because I guess it made me feel poor.  I didn't see Johnny's dad down the block fixing his car in the garage.  Johnny, Mikey, Billy, they all got to be out riding their bikes all summer, I was stuck in the garage learning about alternators and radiators.  Not that it hasn't helped me or come in handy, but I've also found that I have an aversion to working on cars now.  I don't know.  I'm rambling.

Speaking of cars, this Saturday is the Hot Import Nights event at McCormick Place.  The same night my cousin's graduation party is.  One of the same nights I'm supposed to be in New York.  Why should I be surprised?  This always fuckin' happens to me.  The Saturday after that one, is Sylvia's graduation party in Aurora, another cousin's graduation/birthday party/fiesta, D's Pajama-Jam, the H show in Toledo, and the Highland Games.

Lovely.  Logistically I can't make them all.  Of course after said weekends, there won't be anything going on for weeks, that's just the way things work out.  Did I mention that after getting turned around and having to run errands all over town, I get home, take a coooold shower, and try to take a nap.  I was going to pop Scrubs in, and veg out for a while before dinner, just take it easy for a fuckin' few moments.  Didn't happen, remote doesn't work, I ask my brother about it and we get into it.  So I figure writing is going to help me calm down a little, hmm.  Not so much huh?

I think I'm done for a while.  I feel like my posts are so fuckin' negative lately anyway.

I'm tired of playing catch by myself.

Dear Reader,

Thanks for reading, I hope you've learned, laughed, cried, and maybe, just maybe I made you think.  Good luck in whatever you do, I know you'll be a great, well whatever you choose to be.  Take care of yourself and those around you, be healthy, happy and go out and conquer the world. 



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