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Went to Mullen's last night, pretty much closed the place out. Slept late today, watched the Cubs, watched the X Games. Umm...yeah. Not a whole lot going on. Why do I bother, eh. Good job on keeping up with this everyday Gil, dumbass. So the question came up today, what sitcom characters would I be, or are like me, whatever. I came up with Jimmy from Yes, dear mixed with Fry (Futurama) and a bit of Homer thrown in. So how you doin' Dewey, seeing as you're the only one that reads this shite anyway, heh. Fuckin' Sunday dates, once work starts I'm not going to be able to make a lot of them, eh, we'll burn those bridges when we get to them. Hmm...guess I'll watch Conan, at least Nomar's back tomorrow, sweet. Oh and Dukes of Hazard, right? I fuckin' loved that show as a kid, I remember I loved the General Lee. (until adulthood when I'd find out what the hell the flag meant) I'm surprised people aren't protesting it as usual, I guess the car still f'ing rocks, K.I.T.T., Crockett's Lambroghini, the A-Team Van, the MACH-5, and General Lee all kick ass. Okayyy. Conan O'Brien time.


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