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The Dukes of Hazzard

Not too shabby. Not bad at all actually, I was expected a half-ass job but I really enjoyed it. The driving stunts are top-notch, right up there with Italian Job and Bourne Identity/Sumpremacy. (I forget which had the great car chases) You can tell there isn't a whole lot of CGI and that "Stifler" was doing a lot of the driving.

Oh and Jessica Simpson, where the hell have I been all this time, I've always thought she was okay, but Good Lord! Willie Nelson does a good job and as for Burt Reynolds it's business as usual, he does a great job as Boss Hogg. The soundtrack kicked ass as well. (Skynyrd, ZZ Top, etc.) They even touched on the whole "Rebel Flag the South will rise again" crap, it was pretty amusing.

I don't know about some of youngin's but I loved the show as a kid. (eventhough I'm sure I didn't get what was going on half the time) It was fun to see the General Lee back in action and overall it was a fun movie to watch.

Anyway, that's about it. Not much else going on...well that I can write about, hahaha. Nomar's back, Woody's back, let's see what happens, Go Cubs! Yeah, that's the exciting weekend I have in store, X Games, Cubs games, and appleschause!


I'll check in later.
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